President Donald Trump recently signed an Executive Order on cybersecurity, “Strengthening the Cybersecurity Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure.”  The EO is divided into sections on:

  • cybersecurity of federal networks
  • cybersecurity of critical infrastructure (CI) to support CI at greatest risk
  • cybersecurity risks to the defense industrial base
  • strategic options for deterrence and protection of the nation
  • international cooperation and
  • workforce development.

The EO escalates CI cybersecurity to a greater priority in federal policy, tasking cabinet-level departments and sector specific agencies with identifying and utilizing capabilities to support the cybersecurity risk management efforts of CI at greatest risk. It also addresses particular sectorial cybersecurity risks and capabilities concerning the communications and information technology sectors, the defense industrial base and the electricity subsector. Additionally, the EO contains an ambitious plan for updating and upgrading federal networks, which will ultimately be subject to Congressional oversight and appropriations. See the top points about the EO and its implications for businesses that are categorized as critical infrastructure.