Yesterday the UK Government set out its legislative programme for the next Parliamentary term, through the Queen’s Speech. Whilst Brexit will dominate the legislative agenda, data protection received special mention with a commitment to introduce a new Data Protection Bill.

The Bill will reiterate the UK’s commitment to implementation of the principles of privacy enshrined in the GDPR, regardless of Brexit. It will also add further clarity on how the UK intends to apply statutory controls to those areas of the GDPR where Member States have flexibility to develop complementary legal requirements or derogations.

The speech is an important message for anyone who may have had doubt about the UKs commitment to the GDPR after Brexit. It is a clear steer to UK business to get ready for the new privacy regime and a strong sign to any detractors, whether in Europe or the wider global community, that the UK remains focussed on maintaining a robustly regulated digital environment, at the forefront of emerging global standards.

Whilst we await with interest details of the specific regulatory controls within the Bill itself, this is a welcome message of clarity in otherwise uncertain political times.