By Saher Valiani, Matt Holian and Jill Marinoff

Developments in technology are driving major change across all sectors and, in many cases, these changes are significantly impacting legal developments in a particular industry. In the past, pharmaceutical and medical device product liability litigations typically commenced following major regulatory action
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As banks and other financial services companies adopt cloud computing for a variety of purposes, questions about the operational risks involved have emerged. In order to use the cloud, many banks are depending on cloud service providers to protect sensitive information rather than managing their own systems, with the potential
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By  Victoria Lee and Andrew W. Grant

On September 12, 2019, the Task Force on Artificial Intelligence, which is a task force within the House Financial Services Committee (FSC), held a hearing titled “The Future of Identity in Financial Services: Threats, Challenges, and Opportunities.” As the FSC wrote before the
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By Gregory Grossman and Heidi Azulay

The market for companies working at the intersection of real estate and technology is seeing explosive growth, as innovative new forms of technology impact how properties are constructed, occupied, managed, bought and sold.

Proptech is designed to streamline and connect processes for participants in
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Trial and error – with the vast majority of trials ending in error – has long been the default method of drug discovery. Of the USD2.6 billion spent each year on drug discovery by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, at least nine-tenths will go toward funding drug research that will
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