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Written by Kit Burden

In recent times, we have seen an increasing number of deals where the required services have been delivered from the cloud, i.e., from remotely hosted solutions, usually (albeit not always) offered on a “one to many” basis and on a subscription/usage based model. This is obviously
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Written by Mark Lehberg

As we all know, companies enter into non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements in the normal course of business to protect their trade secrets and other confidential information. In addition, many technology and commercial agreements include non-disclosure and confidentiality terms. Two of the many issues that need to
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Written by Ceyhun Pehlivan

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism will finance up to 80% of 13 projects linked to the development of smart cities, from which 27 Spanish cities are expected to benefit.

In June 2014,, Spain’s internet and ICT development agency, had issued the call
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The payments service industry in Hong Kong and China is set to enter a new and more stringently regulated era following announcements by the respective governments about their proposed regulatory reforms. The anticipated new regulations are intended to align the law with technology advancements in this rapidly evolving industry, bringing
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Written by David Messerschmitt

Disagreements over the course of a commercial relationship are inevitable.  A pitfall of many commercial contracts is that the parties often incorporate “boilerplate” dispute resolution clauses that simply state that all disputes will be resolved in a court of law and do not include a process
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Written by Thomas M. DeButts

The US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) recently released a redacted Advisory Opinion dated November 13, 2014 that confirms for cloud-based software vendors (or Software as a Service providers) that allowing access to export controlled software for use only in the
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Written By Carol Umhoefer, Jeanne Dauzier and Mathilde Hallé

Starting in October, France’s Data Protection Authority (the CNIL) will verify compliance with its December 2013 Recommendation on the use of cookies and tracking technologies.

The CNIL’s inspections will follow “cookies sweep day,” planned to take place the week of