Written by Tim Lyons

Addressing privacy concerns: a question solely for regulators?

Much has been written about the application and potential shortfalls of data privacy laws in the context of the IoT. Legal protection of data privacy is obviously essential, and legislators and regulators around the world are grappling with how to best provide sufficient protection for consumers, and useful guidance for IoT developers, without stifling innovation.Continue Reading Building privacy into the Internet of Things

I have expressed some strong views on the (lack of) merits of a specific net neutrality rule in the EU before (here and here).

It was with interest then that I read the language of the “final compromise test” of the proposed new regulation on the Connected Continent from the EC. This cover two things principally – (1) it tries to abolish roaming in the EC; and (2) it contains a net-neutrality-like “open internet” obligation. This blog post will discuss only the latter.

Whilst advocates of net neutrality have criticised the regulation for allowing too many get-outs (in respect of “specialised services” I am much more concerned about the potential downsides in terms of restricting competition and the launch of new services. As explained below however there is also one, little commented-upon, aspect of the new regulation which will, I think, be beneficial and should be much-welcomed by  consumer advocates.Continue Reading Net Neutrality, the EU “open internet” right and the new rule on internet access speeds

Written by Brian Joe

The Internet of Things (IoT) – a network of devices connected through the internet offering almost limitless possibilities for convenience, efficiency, safety and control through remote sensing, monitoring, and, ultimately, learning – is quickly becoming a reality. According to some estimates, by the year 2020 there
Continue Reading Are You Prepared for the Next Information Age?