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Belgium getting tough on Facebook?

By Patrick Van Eecke and Julie De Bruyn Today a delegation of Facebook is meeting with the Belgian ‘Secretary of State’ responsible for Privacy , Bart Tommelein. The subject of conversation are Facebook’s new terms of service and data policy, which are claimed to be in breach of the Belgian Data Protection Act. This afternoon, … Continue Reading

Big Data, Big Privacy Issues

By Patrick Van Eecke & Mathieu Le Boudec Last week, a resolution on big data was adopted under the auspices of the 36th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (hereafter: “ICDPPC”). After earlier guiding documents released this year by, among others, the Executive Office of the President of the United States, the Information … Continue Reading

California Passes Law Giving Minors an “Eraser Button”

On September 23, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 568 into law, a bill that gives minors in California the right to require that Internet companies delete content posted online by the minors.  This concept is sometimes referred to as an online “eraser button.”  The law takes effect Jan. 1, 2015. The law does not give minors the … Continue Reading

FTC Announces Long-Awaited COPPA Revisions: Restricts Behavioral Advertising and Retention of Data from Children, Among Others

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairman Jon Leibowitz and Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV announced the FTC’s long-awaited amended COPPA Rule at a press conference earlier today. In prior blog postings, we have noted that this seems to be the year of the mobile application. The FTC’s new COPPA rule continues with … Continue Reading

Banking on Facebook — The View from Australia

In the competitive world of personal finance banks are continuously looking for new ideas to gain a small commercial advantage over the competition.  Consequently, we have seen the introduction of internet banking and more recently the conduct of transactional banking on mobile phones.  Into this crowded arena the Commonwealth Bank ofAustraliaannounced this month its intention … Continue Reading

Maryland General Assembly Tells Employers That They Cannot Request Social Network Passwords

The Maryland General Assembly has passed a bill, which, if signed into law by the Governor, would prohibit employers from requesting social network log in information from employees and prospective employees. The bill also prohibits employers from taking, or threatening to take, action against employees that refuse to provide social network passwords. The Maryland House … Continue Reading