The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) launched it data protection strategy, summarizing it in three strategic objectives and 10 accompanying measures for the next five years.

The EDPS stated that it is a crucial moment for data protection, a period of unprecedented change and political importance, not only in the EU but globally.

1. Data protection goes digital

  • Promoting technologies to enhance privacy and data protection;
  • Identifying cross-disciplinary policy solutions;
  • Increasing transparency, user control and accountability in big data processing.

2. Forging global partnerships

  • Developing an ethical dimension to data protection;
  • Speaking with a single EU voice in the international arena;
  • Mainstreaming data protection into international policies.

3. Opening a new chapter for EU data protection

  • Adopting and implementing up-to-date data protection rules;
  • Increasing accountability of EU bodies collecting, using and storing personal information;
  • Facilitating responsible and informed policymaking;
  • Promoting a mature conversation on security and privacy.

Special attention will be given by the EDPS to the data protection challenges of cloud computing, big data analytics, the internet of things and techniques for electronic mass surveillance.

The strategy can be consulted at the EDPS website

For more information about the strategy and its impact, please contact Patrick Van Eecke (