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Written by Scott Thiel, Julia Gorham, Anita Lam and Nicholas Boyle Wearable devices’ – such as fitness trackers, wristbands, access cards – are an increasingly popular technology. Market researchers have estimated that some 21 million wearable devices were sold in 2014 (The Economist,14 March 2015, citing research by IDC). In the US, approximately 90% of … Continue Reading

FTC Mobile Health Apps Announcement Reinforces Likely Increased Scrutiny of Mobile Health Apps

Written by Peter McLaughlin and Michelle Anderson The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced its creation of a Mobile Health Apps Interactive Tool, a web-based tool designed to help developers of mobile health (mHealth) applications understand which federal laws and regulations they should consider in developing their apps[1]. While the tool is helpful as … Continue Reading

Net Neutrality, the EU “open internet” right and the new rule on internet access speeds

I have expressed some strong views on the (lack of) merits of a specific net neutrality rule in the EU before (here and here). It was with interest then that I read the language of the “final compromise test” of the proposed new regulation on the Connected Continent from the EC. This cover two things … Continue Reading

FCC Forges New Ground on Enforcement of Data Security Duties under Communications Act

Written by Sydney White On October 24, 2014, in its first data security enforcement action outside of the CPNI context, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC” or the “Commission”) issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture of $10,000,000 against two telecommunications providers TerraCom, Inc. and YourTel America, Inc. (the “Companies”) providing telecom services to low-income … Continue Reading

Bring Your Own Challenges

Written by: Callum Sinclair and Peter McLaughlin From reliable surveys and less dependable anecdotes in most major markets, including the UK and the US, opinions point to the almost inevitable expansion of BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – as a cost-saving model for employers. Mobile device providers assure company decision-makers that direct savings will … Continue Reading

ITALY: More liberal approach on monitoring of employees

Written by Giulio Coraggio November 24, 2014 It is possible to collect location data relating to employees through smartphone Apps if used in order to optimize the usage of resources and improve their management, coordination and timing provided that this practice complies with the stringent obligations imposed by the Italian privacy authority. The decision of … Continue Reading

GLOBAL – Internet of Things – Top ten data protection concerns

Written by Giangiacomo Olivi November 17, 2014 As we discussed in our previous posts, there are a number of positive trends that make the Internet of Things a long lasting evolution. Hardware is improving, there is an increasing understanding from the industry of the benefits that can be drawn from harmonization and interoperability, customers ever … Continue Reading

Connected Cars & Privacy: Automotive industry adopts consumer privacy principles

by Patrick Van Eecke and Julie De Bruyn Last week proved to be an important week for privacy and data protection in the US: while representatives of the European Commission were negotiating with US representatives on government surveillance and the extension of the US Privacy Act to EU citizens, the US Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers … Continue Reading

BYOD: Cool, but Dangerous – 3 HIPAA Security Rule challenges, 7 key precautions

Written by Peter F. McLaughlin September 24, 2014 HEALTH SYSTEMS ALERT From reliable surveys and less dependable anecdotes, opinions point to the almost inevitable expansion of BYOD – bring your own device – as a cost-saving model for employers. Advisors assure company decision makers that direct savings will flow by avoiding the cost of purchasing handsets … Continue Reading

Big Data, Big Privacy Issues

By Patrick Van Eecke & Mathieu Le Boudec Last week, a resolution on big data was adopted under the auspices of the 36th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (hereafter: “ICDPPC”). After earlier guiding documents released this year by, among others, the Executive Office of the President of the United States, the Information … Continue Reading

Connected Cars – Legal Issues and Hurdles!

Written by by Giulio Coraggio October 3, 2014 Connected cars are expected to generate $ 131.9 billion by 2019 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.7% from 2013 to 2019.  But such growth shall face legal issues that not only affect data protection matters, but also have an impact on product liability issues, … Continue Reading

Mobile apps – increasing privacy transparency is on top of your to-do list!

Mobile apps: increasing privacy transparency is on top of your to-do list! Patrick Van Eecke & Elisabeth Verbrugge As previously announced, the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) recently released the results of the global privacy sweep of mobile applications it conducted in May 2014. More than 25 privacy commissions around the world examined a total … Continue Reading

Internet of Things: European privacy recommendations

By Patrick Van Eecke and Julie De Bruyn Call it a coincidence or not: exactly one week after the Apple Watch was officially introduced by Apple CEO Tim Cook on 9 September 2014, the European data protection advisory body – Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (‘Working Party 29’) – adopted its Opinion 8/2014 on … Continue Reading

The Internet of Things: Ofcom call for input

Written by Nichola Prescott, Associate, London Ofcom has issued a call for stakeholder input on the emerging Internet of Things.  The Internet of Things describes the inter-connection of multiple “things”, be they devices or sensors, that are able to communicate and share data with one another.  It is set to enable the collection and analysis of … Continue Reading

California Issues Guidance To Companies on Disclosing Privacy Practices

Written By:  Michelle Anderson This week, California Attorney General (AG) Kamala Harris released a series of recommendations designed to help businesses make their privacy policies meaningful to consumers: Making Your Privacy Practices Public.  As interpreted by the AG’s Office, a “meaningful” privacy policy is one that helps consumers “make informed decisions about which companies they … Continue Reading

DLA Launches New Edition of Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook

DLA Piper’s Data Protection & Privacy group are delighted to announce the launch of the third edition of the Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook – a great way to celebrate Data Protection Day! This edition is particularly exciting as it is available via our new online site, which has a number of new … Continue Reading

California Passes Law Giving Minors an “Eraser Button”

On September 23, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 568 into law, a bill that gives minors in California the right to require that Internet companies delete content posted online by the minors.  This concept is sometimes referred to as an online “eraser button.”  The law takes effect Jan. 1, 2015. The law does not give minors the … Continue Reading


Written by Scott W. Pink and Carissa L. Bouwer California has long been a leader in legislative efforts to protect online privacy rights of consumers.  California passed the nation’s first security breach disclosure law, the first law requiring online privacy policies, and more recently, the first set of privacy guidelines for mobile app providers.  This year … Continue Reading

Europe weighs in on mobile app privacy

The Article 29 Working Party – the data protection working group for the European Union which is composed of representatives from the European Commission and the data protection authorities of EU member states – recently released it Opinion 2/2013 on smart devices and mobile apps.  According to the Opinion, app developers are subject to some … Continue Reading


DLA Piper has published the second edition of its Data Protection Laws of the World reference guide, expanding the handbook’s scope to cover 12 key features of the privacy laws of 63 countries that affect our clients. Data Protection Laws of the World is searchable by country and by subject matter. View or download the handbook here.… Continue Reading


On March 6, through rain, sleet and the blizzard that never appeared (but that closed several area airports), 40 privacy professionals from around the world attended DLA Piper’s Global Privacy Seminar in our Washington, DC office. The event began with a keynote delivered by FTC Commissioner Julie Brill explaining the importance of mobile privacy and … Continue Reading

FTC Chair Edith Ramirez Give First Public Privacy Talk: Discusses Enforcement Efforts and FTC Priorities

During an interview conducted by DLA Piper’s Jim Halpert at the IAPP Privacy Summit in Washington, DC, new FTC Chair Edith Ramirez offered her first public discussion about her vision of FTC actions on privacy since being sworn in as FTC Chair five days earlier. Speaking on Friday, March 8, Chair Ramirez emphasized the importance … Continue Reading

2013 Off to a Busy Start: State Lawmakers Introduce Numerous Privacy-Related Bills

Barely six weeks into the new year and already we are seeing numerous bills introduced in the state legislatures. These bills are wide ranging, and address topics such as data breach notification, written information security policies, privacy policies, and use of social security numbers, among others.  Perhaps one of the more intriguing bills is California Assembly … Continue Reading