By: Tony Samp, Steven R. Phillips, Charles Dent and Nathaniel J. Bell

The House and Senate have voted to send this year’s National Defense Authorization Act – which includes the most substantial legislation addressing artificial intelligence (AI) approved by Congress to date – to President Trump, who has threatened to veto the $731.6 billion defense policy legislation.

The sprawling, 4,517-page defense bill incorporates landmark legislation setting national policy on the emerging AI technology that is already shaping and transforming virtually every aspect of military and civilian life. If the bill is vetoed, leaders in the Democratic-controlled House have vowed to return to DC for a veto override vote before the January 3 swearing-in of the next Congress, but it is not clear what the Republican-controlled Senate plans to do – or if all of the Republican House and Senate members who voted for the NDAA would vote in favor of overriding a presidential veto.

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