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Smart Technology – A new industry initiative

Written by Michiko Jo Consumer products using smart technology bring excitement as well as solutions and convenience to everyday life. However, the connected and dependant nature of smart technology products to related services and other devices means that there are features and characteristics which are not found in traditional standalone products.    Last week, DLA … Continue Reading

Germany: Roaming Regulation and IoT services

By Christoph Engelmann, Senior Associate, Hamburg DLA Piper recently advised a client (Transatel) on a very interesting matter leading to the German telecommunications regulator Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) issuing a landmark decision on the applicability of the Roaming Regulation on so-called 901 International Mobile Subscription Identities (IMSI). In this decision BNetzA ruled that the defendant in that … Continue Reading

Zero-rating and net neutrality – decisions (so far) in the EU

This note consolidates information we have available on the current (July 2017) status of telecoms regulator’s considerations of zero-rated offers in Europe. See also our other posts on zero-rating. Conclusion: Many European regulators are yet to consider the issue of net neutrality and zero-rated services following the 2015 Regulations. For those who have reached decisions since the … Continue Reading

SINGAPORE: Monetary Authority of Singapore outsourcing guidelines 2016

Written by Scott Thiel The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has published its new and replacement Guidelines on Outsourcing on 27 July 2016. The Guidelines are intended to provide comprehensive guidance over the risk management practices that should be adopted by financial institutions in handling outsourcing arrangements. Businesses operating in Singapore that have entered into … Continue Reading

At The Intersection of Business, Law and Technology: A Q&A on the DLA Piper Global Technology Summit

Written by Ben Goodall The pace of innovation and adoption in technology – fast and getting faster – has long presented a stark contrast to the deliberate pace of change in the law. That contrast is greater than ever today, as entrepreneurs and established tech companies alike accelerate the time to market and the speed … Continue Reading

Still Buzzing on Blockchain

Written by Roxanne Chow As speculation on the identity of the inventor of Bitcoin continues (see the article “The long search for Satoshi Nakamoto”:, so too does the question of how we can widen the application of blockchain technology to other areas. The key attributes of blockchain technology are frequently touted as: decentralisation: instead … Continue Reading

UK – Proposals to Reform the Electronic Communications Code

By Rob Shaw, Senior Associate and Ben Rogers, Legal Director – DLA Piper Proposals for reform of the Code have gathered pace recently; on Tuesday the Department of Culture, Media and Sport released the Government’s proposals to reform the Code and yesterday it was announced that the new Code will be part of the Digital … Continue Reading

EUROPE: The Applicability Of EU Data Protection Laws To Non-EU Businesses

Written by Carol Umhoefer ( and Caroline Chancé ( This article first appeared in E-Commerce Law and Policy – volume 18 issue 03 (March 2016). On December 16, 2015, the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (“WP29″) updated their Opinion 8/2010[1] on applicable law in light of the landmark decision Costeja v. Google[2] rendered by … Continue Reading

UAE: The intersection between UAE privacy laws and new technologies

Eamon Holley, Legal Director at DLA Piper Middle East (Dubai), spoke on Dubai Eye’s “The Agenda” radio show on February 2, 2016. On the show, he discussed how UAE privacy laws are intersecting with new technologies and innovations, such as cameras on drones, cameras in taxis, and dashcams. To access a recording of this segment, … Continue Reading

Deadline to file for Chicago Lease Tax relief is 1/1/16: remotely accessed software providers take note

Written by Hugh Goodwin After a slew of negative publicity and business community backlash in the wake of the June 2015 issuance of Lease Tax Ruling #12, the Chicago Department of Finance has offered relief for prior non-payment of the Chicago Lease Tax, provided that a voluntary disclosure application is filed with the Department by … Continue Reading

EUROPE: New Public Consultation on the Evaluation of the Legal and Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications Networks and Services

By Florence Guthfreund-Roland & Mathilde Hallé On September, 11th 2015, the European Commission launched a new public consultation on the evaluation of the legal and regulatory framework for the electronic communications sector. This consultation follows the Commission’s communication on the “Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe” dated May, 6th 2015, according to which the Commission’s … Continue Reading


Written by:  Heng Loong Cheong, Joyce Chan, Samuel Yang, Louise Crawford DOMESTIC BANK CARD CLEARING MARKET OPENS UP Only a few months ago, the State Council’s announcement of the Decision on the Implementation of Market Access Administration in relation to Bank Card Clearing Institutions (the “Decision“) marked the opening of China’s domestic bank card clearing … Continue Reading

EU: European Commission declares Audiovisual Media Services Directive rules open for debate

Written by Patrick van Eecke and Atoon Dierick On 6 July 2015, the European Commission launched a public consultation on the current Audiovisual Media Services Directive 2010/13/EU (“AVMSD”), entitled “A media framework for the 21st century”. The aim of this public consultation, launched as a result of the rapidly shifting media landscape, is to invite … Continue Reading