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A new era for the General Conditions?

By Peter Elliott and Mike Conradi, DLA Piper By many accounts, the UK’s framework for regulating communications services is amongst the world’s most dynamic and successful. Leaving in its wake a telecommunications licensing regime, in 2003 the UK Government influenced and then implemented new EU Directives which took a different approach to regulating telecoms: general … Continue Reading

Appealing a Telecoms Regulatory Decision

By Mike Conradi, Partner and Eamon Holley, Senior Legal Consultant Summary  A recent and interesting case (Colt v Office of Communications [2013] CAT 29) has shed some light on when and in what circumstances the decisions of the UK’s telecoms regulator can be appealed. Background Colt Technology Services (“Colt”) challenged the UK’s Office of Communications … Continue Reading

OFCOM’s letter on number portability threatens MVNO and Telecoms Resellers’ businesses

A little-noticed public letter published on 7th December by OFCOM, the UK telecoms regulator, states that in their view resellers of telecoms services do NOT have the right to “port” all the numbers which have been allocated to them by another communications provider when, for example, they wish to switch to another wholesale provider. Only … Continue Reading

OFCOM forces BT to offer GBP£100m in refunds to wholesale ethernet customers

OFCOM, the UK telecoms regulatory, recently published the results of its determination on a set of disputes relating to BT’s charges for wholesale Ethernet services to Sky, TalkTak, Virgin Media, Cable & Wireless and Verizon. The disputes concerned BT’s charges for “Wholesale Extension Services” and “Backhaul Extension Services”, used by communications providers to provide broadband … Continue Reading