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Blog Post: Swiss-US Privacy Shield Adopted, Aligns with EU-US Privacy Shield

Written by Michelle Anderson The Department of Commerce International Trade Administration and Swiss Federal Council announced on January 11, 2017, the creation of a Swiss-US Privacy Shield framework that will “apply the same conditions as the European Union” under the EU-US Privacy Shield framework. This is welcome news for companies that transfer personal data from … Continue Reading

Managing third parties under the Privacy Shield needs care

Written by Rena Mears, Ryan Sulkin, Eric Roth and Jim Halpert Controllers need to negotiate contract terms with third-party controllers and processors that are consistent with the controller’s obligations under the Shield. By Rena Mears, Ryan Sulkin, Eric Roth and Jim Halpert. The Privacy Shield’s heightened infrastructure, regulatory, and documentation requirements present participating companies with … Continue Reading

Brexit and mobile termination rates

One quick thought on Brexit amongst many written today. It concerns the significant impact it will likely have on the price of international voice calls. All through the EU the price that mobile network operators (MNOs) can charge one another for terminating calls made to their own customers (called the “mobile termination rate” or MTR) … Continue Reading

UK – Proposals to Reform the Electronic Communications Code

By Rob Shaw, Senior Associate and Ben Rogers, Legal Director – DLA Piper Proposals for reform of the Code have gathered pace recently; on Tuesday the Department of Culture, Media and Sport released the Government’s proposals to reform the Code and yesterday it was announced that the new Code will be part of the Digital … Continue Reading

EUROPE: The Applicability Of EU Data Protection Laws To Non-EU Businesses

Written by Carol Umhoefer ( and Caroline Chancé ( This article first appeared in E-Commerce Law and Policy – volume 18 issue 03 (March 2016). On December 16, 2015, the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (“WP29″) updated their Opinion 8/2010[1] on applicable law in light of the landmark decision Costeja v. Google[2] rendered by … Continue Reading

EUROPE: New Telecom Package Promoting Net Neutrality Principle Adopted on October 27th, 2015

By Florence Guthfreund-Roland and Mathilde Hallé On October 27th, 2015, the European Parliament adopted Regulation No. (EU) 2015/2120 “laying down measures concerning open internet access and amending Directive 2002/22/EC on universal service and users’ rights relating to electronic communications networks and services and Regulation (EU) No 531/2012 on roaming on public mobile communications networks within … Continue Reading

EUROPE: New Provisions on Customer Protection in the Proposed EC Regulation

By Florence Guthfreund-Roland & Mathilde Hallé The Legislative Resolution of the European Parliament dated April 3rd, 2014 relating to the telecom sector, following the European Commission’s proposed “Connected Continent Legislative Package” dated 2013, includes a wide range of new requirements aimed at greater consumer protection. In accordance with the “Europe 2020” digital strategy promoted by … Continue Reading

Big Data, Big Privacy Issues

By Patrick Van Eecke & Mathieu Le Boudec Last week, a resolution on big data was adopted under the auspices of the 36th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (hereafter: “ICDPPC”). After earlier guiding documents released this year by, among others, the Executive Office of the President of the United States, the Information … Continue Reading

Dutch websites massively violate privacy laws by placing tracking cookies

Written by Richard van Schaik and Róbin de Wit Dutch newspapers report that Dutch websites massively violate privacy laws by passing on information about surf and click behavior of visitors to advertising companies, without permission of the visitors involved. Such information is collected through so-called tracking cookies. Under Dutch cookie law, website operators need to … Continue Reading

DLA Releases Global Prize Promotions Across the World Handbook

Our global Advertising Group is pleased to present the 2014 edition of our Prize Promotions Across the World Handbook, covering 20 jurisdictions. The Handbook intriduces some of the key requirements surrounding prize promotions, from the management of the early stages, to issues which are potentially problematic. To access the Handbook, please click here. For more … Continue Reading


Written by: Aravind Swaminathan, Michelle Anderson and Jim Halpert In a speech that garnered worldwide attention, President Barack Obama has announced important reforms in the ways the United States government will gather, store, use and retain signals-related information. These changes will soon affect many companies, both in the US and globally. In a DLA Piper Client … Continue Reading

APRA releases prudential practice guide on managing data risk

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (‘APRA’) recently issued its new prudential practice guide, ‘Managing Data Risk’. In a world where data plays a key role in the structure of life as we know it, understanding and effectively managing the risks associated with data and our reliance on it are crucial to all business. This article … Continue Reading

What’s in an indemnity anyway?

There is a noticeable trend for the list of “indemnified” losses in IT and outsourcing contracts to be getting longer and longer. Our commercial/business colleagues and clients can see the lawyers get very hot under the collar in arguing about them, and yet it can be difficult to articulate quite why this is an issue, … Continue Reading

The most ambitious plan in 26 years of telecoms market reform? No way!

The European Commission’s claim that this weeks proposed new telecoms regulation constitutes “the most ambitious plan in 26 years of telecoms market reform” is preposterous. That honour must belong to the set of new directives in 2002 which transformed the structure of telecoms regulation and facilitated competition throughout Europe. Instead the plans make great play … Continue Reading


WRITTEN BY:  Patrick Van Eecke The Belgian Privacy Commission has finally clarified whether or not, and under which circumstances an employer is allowed to monitor the use of internet, e-mail and other e-communication tools by its employees. Prior to the Commission’s additional guidance in this respect, employees could in principle argue that under art. 124 … Continue Reading


Following several recent widely publicized data breaches in Belgium, the Privacy Commission issued a new recommendation on security measures and data breaches. The recommendation builds further on its previously issued security reference measures and details specific security requirements regarding a.o. IT architecture and development and production environments. Remarkably, the Privacy Commission introduces a security breach … Continue Reading